Accommodation: Hostels

Hostels are an excellent accommodation choice for travellers seeking a more budget-friendly and social experience in Porto. The city offers a variety of hostels, each with its unique atmosphere, style, and amenities, catering to different preferences and needs.

Social and Party Hostels

For those looking to meet fellow travellers and enjoy a lively atmosphere, Porto has a range of social and party-oriented hostels. Some popular options include:

  • Gallery Hostel: Located in the trendy Miguel Bombarda district, Gallery Hostel offers a mix of dormitory and private rooms, as well as an on-site bar and regular social events. With its art-themed décor and focus on cultural experiences, this hostel is a favourite among creative and sociable travellers.
  • Yes! Porto Hostel: Conveniently situated in the city centre, Yes! Porto Hostel is known for its friendly staff, fun events, and social atmosphere. The hostel offers a range of accommodation options, including mixed and female-only dorms, as well as private rooms.

Boutique and Design Hostels

Travellers seeking a more stylish and design-focused hostel experience will not be disappointed by Porto’s offerings. Some notable boutique and design hostels in the city are:

  • Bluesock Hostels Porto: Housed in a beautifully restored historic building, Bluesock Hostels Porto combines modern design with traditional architectural elements. With its range of dormitory and private rooms, as well as its cosy common areas, this hostel offers a comfortable and stylish stay.
  • Selina Porto: Part of the global Selina hostel chain, Selina Porto is a design-conscious hostel that offers a range of accommodation options, from dormitories to private suites. With its on-site restaurant, coworking space, and wellness facilities, Selina Porto provides a unique and upscale hostel experience.

Quiet and Relaxing Hostels

For travellers seeking a more peaceful and relaxing environment, Porto offers a range of quieter hostels that prioritize comfort and tranquillity. Some popular choices include:

  • Porto Lounge Hostel & Guesthouse: Located in a charming 18th-century building, Porto Lounge Hostel & Guesthouse offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With its spacious and well-decorated rooms, comfortable common areas, and serene outdoor terrace, this hostel is perfect for travellers seeking a quieter stay.
  • Garden House Hostel: Set in a beautifully renovated building with a lovely garden, the Garden House Hostel provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hostel offers a mix of dormitory and private rooms, as well as cosy common spaces for guests to relax and socialize.

With a diverse range of hostels to suit every traveller’s needs, Porto offers an array of affordable, comfortable, and social accommodation options. Whether you’re seeking a lively atmosphere, a design-focused stay, or a peaceful retreat, the city’s hostels provide the perfect base for exploring Porto’s vibrant culture and history.