• Porto’s Best Beaches


Porto’s Best Beaches


Dive into Porto’s beautiful coastline, where lively city beaches and tranquil coves await. Whether you’re a surfer, sunbather, or scenic view seeker, Porto’s diverse beaches have something for everyone.

Matosinhos Beach

Matosinhos Beach, known for its excellent surfing conditions and vibrant atmosphere, is a popular spot for  locals and tourists alike. The beach's location near the city makes it easily accessible for a quick escape from the urban bustle and offers some of the regions best seafood restaurants.

Porto or Gaia

Head north of the Douro river where the areas of Foz and Matosinhos house an array of beautiful beaches, from surfers’ paradise to tranquil family spots. Alternatively, venture to the south of the river into Gaia, where golden sands, unique seaside chapels, and beachfront bars await.

Surf Spots

Matosinhos Beach in Porto offers consistent waves ideal for all skill levels and several surf schools for lessons. Espinho Beach in Gaia is a prime spot for those venturing further south. Known for its impressive swells and fewer crowds, it offers surfers a tranquil setting to ride the waves freely.