Getting to Porto

Exploring Porto: Your Comprehensive Transportation Guide

By Air: When flying into Porto, you’ll be landing at the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, which is situated roughly 11 km away from the heart of the city. As one of Portugal’s major air hubs, this airport is bustling with activity, catering to both domestic voyages and international journeys. Travelers will find an array of direct flights linking Porto to key European cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, and Frankfurt. Upon arrival, you have the convenience of hopping into a taxi or boarding the metro to seamlessly transition into the city’s vibrant center.

By Train: The city of Porto boasts two primary railway stations: São Bento and Campanhã. The former, São Bento, graces the city center with its presence and predominantly serves regional rail routes. On the other hand, Campanhã, positioned on the city’s periphery, is your go-to for long-distance train journeys. Both these stations offer robust connections to various locales within Portugal and extend their reach to other European destinations. From either station, you can easily hail a taxi or navigate the metro system to get to your desired location.

By Bus: For those considering bus travel, Porto presents two main bus terminals: Campo 24 de Agosto and Batalha. The centrally-located Campo 24 de Agosto caters primarily to regional bus routes. Meanwhile, Batalha, which is conveniently situated near the São Bento train station, is the hub for long-distance bus travel. Both these stations ensure you’re well-connected to diverse regions within Portugal. As with the train stations, taxis and the metro system stand ready to transport you from these bus terminals to your chosen destination.

By Car: If you’re someone who cherishes the freedom of the open road, Porto welcomes you with well-maintained highways. The A1 highway forms a direct link between Porto and the capital, Lisbon. For those heading towards Braga or Valença, the A3 highway is your path. Meanwhile, the A4 highway stretches towards Vila Real and Amarante. If you’re without a vehicle, worry not! Car rental services are readily available both at the airport and within the city center.

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