The Church of São Francisco, located in the historic center of Porto, is an extraordinary example of Gothic architecture and a must-visit attraction for those interested in art, history, and spirituality. This fascinating church is particularly renowned for its ornate Baroque interior and its intricate wood carvings, which make it a true gem among Porto’s religious sites.

History and Architecture

Construction of the Church of São Francisco began in the 14th century and continued for several centuries, resulting in a harmonious blend of Gothic, Baroque, and Manueline styles. The exterior features a mix of Gothic and Manueline elements, including the beautiful rose window and the stunning entrance portal adorned with decorative columns and intricate carvings.

The church’s interior, however, is where the true splendor lies. The walls and columns are covered in intricately carved wood, gilded in gold leaf, making it one of the most opulent examples of Baroque craftsmanship in Portugal. The main altar, side chapels, and choir stalls all feature breathtaking, detailed carvings depicting religious scenes and motifs.


One of the most striking features of the Church of São Francisco is the Tree of Jesse, an elaborate wooden sculpture representing the genealogy of Jesus Christ. This masterpiece showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of Portuguese artisans and is considered one of the finest examples of Baroque wood carving in Europe.

The church’s catacombs are another fascinating aspect of this historic site. Beneath the church, visitors can explore the catacombs’ eerie corridors and view the tombs of prominent Porto families, as well as a small ossuary filled with human bones.

Visiting Information

The Church of São Francisco is open daily to visitors, with a small entrance fee required for access to the church and the catacombs. Guided tours are available, providing valuable insights into the history and significance of the church’s architecture and artwork. Due to its location in the heart of Porto’s historic center, the church is easily accessible on foot or by public transportation.

A visit to the Church of São Francisco is sure to leave a lasting impression on travelers seeking to experience Porto’s rich history and stunning religious art. This magnificent church offers a unique opportunity to explore Portugal’s architectural heritage and appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship that defines the country’s religious sites.